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Joe Leone's Ensemble Music
Joe Leone's Music
Duets with Joe Leone & Souryadeep Bhattacharyya
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Circle of Hope
The Child Did Ask
Sweet Love
Thinking Out Loud
"The Child Did Ask" (an animated music video) (click photo to view)
The song is about a deep journey of self-discovery and contemplation; about happiness and life. Both Joseph and Souryadeep are part of the world music groups...
Two songs from CD
Above The Battlefield
The Seeking Soul
Other pieces include acoustic guitar,
harp, and synthesized sitar.
Soundtrack Music * Instrumental Samples from Solo CD
Song listings here are shortened versions!

Acoustic and Electric guitar layers, piano, percussion...
Ambient and Rythmic, intricate layers of music unfold into different
movements in extended CD versions.
Some pieces may be considered as "Vertical Music" while they can
take one on an inner journey.
"Beatle Bug" Trio Group
Peace and Power
Happy / Sad
The Guardian
The Spirit and The Will, Chords in 5/8
Tribe of Three
Inner Forms
"The Child Did Ask" (an animated music video)
The song is about a deep journey of self-discovery and
contemplation; about happiness and life.
The Spirit and The Will, Spooky Soundtrack
No Beginning to No End
Thought Forms
Parables Introduction
Songs With Sitarist, Anand Vyas by Joseph Leone
Please Don't Fight... first take
Heartstrings... demo
"A Gypsy At Heart" In Studio
Background Music - Solo Guitar, Short Clips
Circle of Hope
Thinking Out Loud
A Flying Dream
Lightness of Being
New Sympathetic Strings added,
for guitar-sitar sound... "RagaJo"
Song with Alternative Rock group, Trinket (guitar solos)...
"Sweet Love" In Studio
Songs with old group: Sitar, Tabla, Violin, Flute, Guitar...
Elephant Walk
Gypsy At Heart
And the Wall Came Tumbling Down
Images of New England set to original Ambient music
followed by Video Poem... "To Love Only May We Kneel"
Joe Leone - guitar
Souryadeep Bhattacharyya - sarod
Jeremy Raj - oud and cumbus
Louis Romanos - percussion
Rob Sutherland - cello
Jeffrey Lidke - tabla

Gypsy At Heart has created their own unique style of rhythmic-acoustic sounds that are based around a fresh musical vision. Their music draws upon many genres from traditional Indian Ragas and Middle Eastern scales to hints of Latin, Celtic, European Classical, Jazz, and American Folk. Original compositions take audiences on a musical journey; blending improvisations that are spatial, and beautiful; flowing into movements that are breathtaking in intricacy and speed. Gypsy At Heart has been mesmerizing their audiences with unique soundscapes, arrangements and captivating melodies... Consistently praised by audiences as one of the "Must See Live Acts!"

At the core of Gypsy At Heart, are two accomplished musicians and composers: Joe Leone on guitar and vocals, and Souryadeep Bhattacharyya on sarod (banjo meets sitar). Their shows vary from intimate duo performances to a full group experience with oud, tablas, cello, and an array of hand percussion instruments.

Gypsy At Heart is currently performing their original music at live venues, festivals, colleges and universities, churches, spiritual centers, and private special events.


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